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Cupping Therapy

Updated: Jan 6

Cupping therapy is an ancient technique of healing. Cupping is performed by applying cups to selected skin points and creating a subatmospheric pressure, either by heat or by suction. Eber's papyrus (1550 BC) from Ancient Egypt is one of the oldest medical texts to mention cupping therapy. Cupping therapy is part of numerous ancient healing systems, such as Chinese, Unani, traditional Korean, Tibetan, and Oriental medicine. The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates compiled extensive descriptions of the cupping application.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Research has found that through the suction of the skin, cupping can guide the transport and distribution of blood in the body providing nourishment to viscera, organs, and tissues.

The negative pressure generated in the cup during cupping therapy can cause local capillary congestion and rupture. The phenomenon produces a break down of the red blood cells, stimulating the immune system and organs; strengthening their functions and activities.

Why should I get cupping therapy?

  • Increase your blood circulation

  • Strengthen your metabolism

  • Aide in chronic pain elimination

  • Enhance local tissue nutrition

  • Strengthen your body's physical fitness and immune capacity

Possible Side Effects​ ​

Fire Cupping is a generally safe method of treatment, but that there are possible side effects that may include:

  • Minor pain, soreness and/or sensations of heat, cold, tingling or numbness in the treatment area.

  • Headaches or minor body aches

  • Transient bruising or skin discoloration

  • Skin irritation

  • Minor bleeding or spontaneously seeping fluid

  • Rare risks of fire cupping include:

    • minor burns

    • blistering

    • infection

Should blistering occur, small blisters should be left alone to heal on their own, while larger blisters should be referred to a medical professional, such as an acupuncturist or doctor, for proper care, including draining and dressing.

Because cupping treatments can be detoxifying, nausea or lightheadedness may follow the treatment. Moving slowly, giving it time, food, and drinking water will all help relieve these types of symptoms.

Contraindications for Fire Cupping Therapy

You cannot receive cupping massage if these conditions are present:

  • Systemic severe convulsions or epilepsy

  • Those suffering hemorrhagic diseases such as hemophilia, leukemia

  • Severe heart failure

  • Kidney disease

  • Any liver disease/illness

  • Severe Diarrhea

  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Pregnancy

  • Recent Stroke

  • Fever or chronically ill

  • Currently on any blood thinner medication

***Cupping therapy is a complimentary add on for repeat clientele at Voltaire Therapy***

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